Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Snapshot

CLIENT: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity  PROJECT: Biennial Report
DETAILS: Every two years, a “snapshot” of the Fraternity’s accomplishments is published and distributed at the organization’s biennial convention. Each report is unique in it’s size and content, while maintaining and strengthening the brand of the Phi Delta Theta.

Alpha Omicron Pi Annual Report

CLIENT: Alpha Omircon Pi Women’s Fraternity  PROJECT: Foundation Annual Report
DETAILS: Custom drawn typography was featured on the cover of this annual report from Alpha Omicron Pi.

Sigma Nu Foundation Annual Recap

CLIENT: Sigma Nu Educational Foundation  PROJECT: Annual Recap
DETAILS: Every year the Educational Foundation publishes a short recap of the previous years accomplishes for donors and interested audiences. Graphics, photography, and various design elements are used to generate interest in the longer and more detailed body copy.

Sigma Chi Foundation Annual Report

CLIENT: Sigma Chi Foundation  PROJECT: Annual Report
DETAILS: Engaging info-graphics, strong photography, and clean layouts provided the Sigma Chi Foundation with two annual reports that communicated the professionalism and success of their educational programs and scholarships.