The White Diamond

CLIENT: Pi Kappa Phi  PROJECT: New Member Manual
DETAILS: The fraternity was in need of a design overhaul of its new member manual. A clean and structured layout reflected the progressive programs of the fraternity, and the redesign also included the creation of custom patterns, design elements, and the use of color to assist in the navigation of the manual by undergraduates.

The Varlet

CLIENT: Kappa Alpha Order  PROJECT: New Member Manual
DETAILS: The redesign of The Varlet striked a delicate balance of creating a manual that would be read by the modern college aged gentleman, yet reflected the rich history of the historically southern organization.

The Garnet & Gold

CLIENT: Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity  PROJECT: New Member Manual
DETAILS: The fraternity wanted to to create stronger engagement with it’s new college members. To achieve these objectives, we incorporated more info-graphics, never-before-seen historical items, and multiple entry points on nearly every page.

The Norman Shield

CLIENT: Sigma Chi International Fraternity  PROJECT: New Member Manual
DETAILS: We worked with Sigma Chi in the redesign of their new member manual. With the primary audience being 18-21 year-old college men, the new look focused on introducing more color, graphics, and entry points. 

The Oak

CLIENT: Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity  PROJECT: History book
DETAILS: The fraternity wanted to publish a history book that engaged with an audience beyond the avid history buff and designed as a companion piece to its new member manual — “Garnet & Gold.” To obtain this result, we incorporated large full-bleed images, sidebars and visuals throughout, and footnotes directing the reader to additional sources of Pi Kappa Alpha history.