Alumni Engagment

CLIENT: Sigma Nu Fraternity  PROJECT: Visual Brand, Collateral Assets and Marketing Strategy
A visual brand, collateral assets and a marketing strategy were created for the Sigma Nu Fraternity with the goal of increasing alumni involvement. The campaign included events, digital and print components that allow alumni to identify how they would like to be involved based on the specifics of the opportunity and commitment level required. A branded web portal was created to then allow an alumnus to quickly and easily communicate their interest for rapid contact and implementation.

Anniversary Brand Logo

CLIENT: Delta Gamma Sorority    PROJECT: 150th Anniversary Brand Logo
DETAILS: 150 years is a long time! Working with a diverse committee of members and staff, we created an iconic mark that would be used over a year of celebrations and applied to numerous licensed products generating an increase in non-dues revenue.

Branded Logo Suite

CLIENT: Sigma Phi Epsilon    PROJECT: Branded Logo Suite
DETAILS: We created a brand-centered suite of logos for existing and future Sig Ep educational programs. Formats for print, web and inter-office applications were provided in circle, vertical and horizontal layouts.

Leadership & Ethics Academy

CLIENT: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity  PROJECT: Leadership & Ethics Academy Brand Logos
DETAILS: The Fraternity’s Leadership & Ethics Academy consists of eight components the provide membership training. Unique brand logos were created for each component while maintaining established brand entities.


CLIENT: Nazarene Higher Education Risk Management Consortium    PROJECT: Brand
DETAILS: This brand was created for a consortium of Christian-based colleges and universities that provide risk management education and insurance for its members.

Sigma Nu Fraternity

CLIENT: Sigma Nu Fraternity    PROJECT: Brand Refresh
DETAILS: The fraternity wanted to refresh their brand to better align with its award-winning flagship magazine.


CLIENT: Hallway  PROJECT: Visual Brand and Identity
We were approached by artist Brooke Churchill to create a visual brand and identity for her Hallway clothing line. It was important that the brand appeal to sophisticated and fashion-forward women, while reflecting her unique technique of deconstructing existing garments to create new, refreshing and sometimes whimsical clothing.

Event Promotional Poster

CLIENT: Sigma Nu Fraternity  PROJECT: 2016 Grand Chapter
DETAILS: To generate interest in its 2016 Grand Chapter, we created a poster inspired by vintage U.S. Park Service posters. For distribution at the event, statistics and graphics representing the biennium were added to the back. Additional collateral was created with this brand establishing graphic.

Event Promotional Poster

CLIENT: Streeterville Chapter of Commerce  PROJECT: Promotional Poster
DETAILS: To generate interest in its annual boat cruise event on Lake Michigan, we created this poster inspired by vintage travel posters of the 1950s.