CLIENT: Delta Gamma Sorority    PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: Chris Danger illustrated a fun cover about the next generation of space engineers.  An inspiring story of how one woman advocated for her own personal health, focused on the subject and the pivotal BRCA 2 gene. We collaborated with photo-illustrator Lincoln Agnew and the Anchora editorial staff in the creation of a fresh, vibrant and engaging feature artwork for a their Generation Z feature story. Photographer Jennifer Denton worked with us in creating compelling photos that helped us tell one member’s story of how she went from the sorority house to serving in the field with the CIA. Mario Zucca was the perfect illustrator for a feature story about fun and zany campus traditions. When featuring one member’s efforts to raise awareness and strive to eliminate sexual assault, we worked with photographer Abbie Miller to capture a compelling and appropriate photograph. For the Favorite Cities issue, we incorporated less-than-obvious photography, multiple typefaces and scale to engage the reader to discover new places and insider tips. In the spring of 2020, we created appropriate visuals and layouts as the organization addressed their role in institutional racism.

The Quarterly of Alpha Phi

CLIENT: Alpha Phi Fraternity  PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: A top-to-bottom redesign of the magazine’s content and design focused on more engaging, fun and accessible content. Revisions included: replacing undergraduate and alumni chapter reports with engaging mini-stories about members and their achievements; a vibrant, energizing and youthful design, giving new life to department and feature content.

The Aglaia

CLIENT: Phi Mu    PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: An original illustration from Jenny Boehme provided an engaging and appropriate COVID19 cover. We collaborated with illustrator Keith Negley and the Aglaia editorial staff in the creation of feature artwork for a story on mental health.

The Lamp of Delta Zeta

CLIENT: Delta Zeta   PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: Our redesign of The Lamp included the creation of several new departments and the re-imagining of how to deliver traditional news from Delta Zeta sisters. The result is a fresh and engaging publication that builds pride beyond just the most involved members.

Sickle & Sheaf

CLIENT: Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity  PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: Despite being the only fraternity that requires members to pursue education and careers to advance the agricultural field,  Alpha Gamma Rho didn’t want a magazine that fed the “agricultural” cliche. Our complete magazine redesign included content that focused on the membership, and infused subtle nods to the unique aspects of the fraternity’s mission through color, pattern and design elements.

The Magazine of Sigma Chi

CLIENT: Sigma Chi International Fraternity   PROJECT: Membership Magazine
DETAILS: Consistently clean and modern layouts are the basis of this publication’s design which focuses on the impact its membership has on the world.

Kappa Alpha Journal

CLIENT: Kappa Alpha Order  PROJECT: Membership Magazine
DETAILS: An increase in commissioned photography allowed the publication to publish larger and more engaging images. Coupled with strong photography and design elements, this publication has produced strengthened membership pride and affinity.

The Delta of Sigma Nu

CLIENT: Sigma Nu Fraternity  PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: The redesign of The Delta included new departments and a renewed focus on the members of Sigma Nu and their story.

The Lion of Alpha Epsilon Pi

CLIENT: Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity  PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: A complete overhaul of the magazine’s content and design produced this response from one member, “I now have a renewed hope that the magazine will achieve its true potential.” The publication’s renewed focus on content appealing to the majority of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity membership allowed for an engaging, clean, and energizing design.

The Maltese Cross

CLIENT: Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity  PROJECT: Membership magazine
DETAILS: This magazine redesign focused on including more human-interest content and articles appealing to a wider membership audience. Strong photography, clean and modern layouts, and playful copy generated an over-whelming positive response.